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Manusia Abadi ala ALCOR CRYONICS

Alcor at Work Procedures:

Alcor at Facility Equipment:

Alcor’s Mobile Advanced Rescue Cart (MARC) is deployed via our ambulance for use in local cases. The cart was custom-fabricated from welded steel. A cardiopulmonary support device, such as the LUCAS, is placed over the patient in an ice bath and driven by two compressed-gas cylinders in the base of the cart.

The cart also incorporates a blood pump/oxygenator system for heart-lung bypass (when surgically possible). The MARC enables uninterrupted blood circulation and rapid surface cooling while the patient is being transported to our facility.






MARC: The ice bath on the MARC contains a submersible pump which is powered by batteries below. The two flexible blue tubes are placed over a patient lying in the bath, and are perforated to distribute icewater as effectively as possible across the skin.











In Alcor’s operating room, this array of equipment controls and monitors the process of cryoprotective perfusion. Four medical-grade roller pumps in the base of the array allow precise control of pressure and flow. Four refractometers (small, square units in the center) monitor changes in cryoprotectant concentration. A computer displays and records temperature, pressure, and concentration data. Tubing, filters, a heat exchanger, and liquid reservoirs would be added during an actual case.

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