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Truck Mewah Dan Tangguh Untuk Menjelajah Padang Pasir (Pic + Video)



Water-cooled Fischer-Panda diesel generator with 4-cylinder diesel engine
Performance: 18.4 kW / 21.6 kVA
Independent power supply for the generator by AGM battery
Battery capacity: 12V – 255Ah
Radiator for hot and tropic climates, with post-cooling


Network with internet access for all PCs and multi-media devices
via WIFI Hot-Spot, GSM, UMTS and auto-tracking satellite antenna
Apple iMac computer for multi-media, network administration and internet access
WIFI for use of laptops in and near the vehicle,
as well as internet access supply for other vehicles

Satellite phone

Intercom between cab and body unit
Surveillance cameras at all beds, in the living room, rear, sideways and on the roof
Vehicle tracking with alarm via satellite

2 auto-tracking TV-satellite receivers for simultaneous reception of multiple satellites
Pre-programmed and set up for world-wide reception of linear and circular signals


Low voltage XELOGEN lights in the living room, kitchen, corridor, bedrooms and shower
Lights for outside storage compartment
Reading lights at the beds
Red LED lights in master bedroom
LED wardrobe lights
Swivelling outside reflectors sideways
Central light and shutters control

Water supply

1000 litres (264 gallons) freeze-proof drinking water
Water filtration system
VOLA faucets in kitchen and bath
Head shower
Outside shower
60 litres hot water heat-exchanger (16 gallons)
All plumbing is insulated to prevent freezing
Waste water tank, capacity 150 litres (40 gallons), with drain pump
Waste water evaporator


Sealand porcelain toilet with water flushing
Freeze-proof sewage holding tank, capacity 100 litres (30 gallons), with drain pump

Air conditioning

9 air conditioners
Performance 29 kW (100.000 Btu)
Continuous operation with generator or shore power
Night operation with batteries and inverter

Heating system

Diesel powered warm water central heating (9 kW / 30000 Btu)
High radiant heat share due to radiators in living room, master bedroom
Additional heaters under the beds
Auxiliary electric heater


Rear slide-out for extension of the master bedroom, automatic operation
Hydraulic powered entrance stairs

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